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Alonissos: Enjoy nature in all its splendour!

Alonissos was one of the first Islands of the Aegean to be inhabited, as indicated by Neolithic settlement remnants found at the Cape of Kokkinokastro (meaning “Red Castle”). On Yioura Island human presence was first detected in the 9th century BC, according to findings at Cyclop’s cave.

The Most Romantic Greek Island Destinations

Let’s face it, anything can be romantic. All you need is you to spend time with your loved one, whether you’re watching your TV show together or having a romantic candlelight dinner. But to turn the romantic factor a notch, read Culture Trip’s selection of the most romantic islands in Greece for the two of you can escape to for a dreamy getaway.

Deep-sea diving: flying beneath the sea

Deep-sea diving is nowadays one of the most fascinating sea sports. Whole realms open up in the silence of the deep. The sea is an exciting world, full of mystery yet with sparkle. The brilliant colours on the seabed, the diversity of the sea creatures, the stunning underwater seascapes await discovery by explorers within this vast blue environment.

Kastellorizo: A tiny, magical island with a huge history

Kastellorizo is a small, but magical Greek island located in the southeastern Mediterranean.